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#HurricaneFlorence @YOUDONTSAYFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern #fyilive

Ted Cruz may lose the Texas Senate race. Paul McCartney tells a tale of jerking off with John Lennon. Nikki Haley’s curtains had a huge price tag. Tucker Carlson interviews Micheal Avenatti and it goes off the rails. An Arizona man showed how low you can allegedly go.  Hurricane Florence […]

#PlaidShirtGuy @YOUDONTSAYFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern on @FYINATION #fyilive crew

Alex Jones finally gets banned from Twitter. Dallas cop accidentally shoots a man in the wrong apartment. A right-wing conspiracy nut blames Hillary Clinton for her surfing injury. John Dean has a dire warning for those who weren’t worried about a Supreme Court pick during 2016. Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t liked […]

@YOUDONTSAYFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern on @FYINATION #fyilive

Miami Herald is ok with a woman who says she was taken by aliens for Congress. RuPaul star goes too far with a rape joke and the audience reacts immediately.  Rick Scott is two languages when it comes to Trump. KFC underground tunnel is a tell-tale sign why Trump’s wall will […]

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This is our live show thread for Reality Check with Rory. You can check out our live chat room or the use the thread if you have Facebook.  We’ll be in the thread while the show is live at 4:00 pm Eastern.

@YOUDONTSAYFYI #OmarosaTapes starts at 8:00 pm Eastern on @FYINATION #fyilive

Trump supporters can’t handle activism. This isn’t a safe way to use Uber. Why did an 8-year-old boy have an iPhone to get stolen? LGBTQ+ folks shouldn’t be getting mental health this way. Ruby Rose deleted her Twitter account because people are assholes.

@YOUDONTSAYFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern on @FYINATION #fyilive crew

Head of NASCAR gets a DWI charge. A Texas woman goes after a masturbating man. Gab the right-wing alternative to Twitter may get gagged. A woman believes she’s a thoroughbred and shouldn’t be put in jail because of it.

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Some Say returns to 10:00 am Eastern for two hours of news & commentary every day. Monday’s you get an extra Some Say hour at 5:00 pm Eastern with Rory Boyd after Reality Check with Rory Boyd.  Don’t miss our live show every day starting Aug. 13, 2018 at our […]

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A woman allegedly hit a car because of a Pro-Trump bumper sticker. An Ohio police chief dies after stealing drugs. Crypto-Currency gets allegedly hacked days after creator says it can’t be. Free samples cause drama at CostCo.

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Join Reality Check with Rory live at 4:00 pm Eastern today.  Then at 5:00 pm Eastern Some Say is back.  Tom Reynolds has a new mic and is ready to be back with you LIVE!  Don’t miss out on all the fun on Reality Check and then Some Say.  We’ll […]

#FavoritePresident @YOUDONTSAYFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern #fyilive crew

Trump has a twitter meltdown Sunday morning reliving his “win” over Hillary Clinton. Mike Pence is who the Republicans have going out for GOP rally’s now.  An Anti – Choice group is now pro Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. Trump is mad at North Korea over not keeping the deal with […]