@BobKincaid is live at 6:00 pm ET and @LewHastings is live at 10:00 pm ET #fyilive

The H.O.R.N. starts at 6:00 pm Eastern with Thorn in the Side Thursday! Be ready with your hockey puck, you might need it during this awesome 3 hours of conversation radio with host Bob Kincaid.  At 9:00 pm Eastern get the headlines and the news with DEMOCRACY NOW! from today’s morning broadcast. At 10:00 pm Eastern you’ll get the Red Road Radio show live for the hour and if you missed yesterdays show, listen to it at 11:00 pm Eastern. At Midnight it’s Thom Hartmann telling you the 5 Things Trump Did While You Weren’t Looking…Trump’s Warsaw Speech…“Future of the West is in Doubt”. The Long, Dirty History Between the U.S. & N. Korea – Professor Christine Hong, UC-Santa Cruz/Korea Policy Institute Proof Voter Caging & Suppression is Happening Right Now in Georgia – Greg PalastThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy