@BobKincaid starts Titanic Tuesday off at 6:00 pm Eastern @DemocracyNow at 9:00 pm & finally @RedRoadRadio is live at 10:00 pm ET #fyilive

The Progressive Hillbillie Elitest, Bob Kincaid continues your week off live at 6:00 PM Eastern. Bob’ll bring you Titanic Tuesday. So be sure to have your hockey puck handy for Head On Radio! After Bob Kincaid, it’ll be this morning’s DemocracyNow! with headlines and stories that will captivate your mind.

In this Red Road Radio episode, we have another brand new LIVE show, with Lew Hastings back at 10:00 pm Eastern. At 11:00 pm Eastern Lew Hastings will bring you yesterday’s live show where he talked about the history, and anniversaries of King Phillips War & the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

At midnight The Thom Hartmann Program will talk about the GOP Has Their Panties in A Wad Over Planned Parenthood – Austin Petersen, Former Libertarian Candidate for President Vs Thom. GOP & SCOTUS Eroding Separation of Church & State – Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United for Separation of Church & State. Our New Economy of Death Brought To You By Our Corporatized Congress f Government Can’t Restrain Billionaires – Who Can? Richard Manning, Americans for Limited Government