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In this Red Road Radio Show episode, we discuss the history and anniversaries of King Phillips War & the Battle of the Little Bighorn at 5:00 pm Eastern. Then Lew Hastings returns from Tom Reynolds being in the hospital with a new Red Road Radio Show at 10:00 pm Eastern. At 6:00 pm Eastern it’s Moran Monday.

The HORN, is adding a new dynamic to traditional Liberal talk radio. We call it “Conversation Radio” – instead of the traditional format of focusing on the host, and what the host brings to the show, we focus on the callers. They are, after all, where the ‘talk’ in talk radio comes from. This approach has helped to create community among all our shows. Listeners who find us return and listen daily, and we have started what we believe to be a paradigm shift in this genre by making the callers the most important part of our programming.

DEMOCRACY NOW! brings the day’s news and headlines at 9:00 pm Eastern.  Thom Hartmann is off for the holiday so enjoy Anything Goes Friday at Midnight.