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A Republican finally blames FOX NEWS for something & it’s Trump. 700 men is probably one too many wanting to have sex with you. Criminalizing drinking water is just wrong & it could happen. Poking your eye out is one thing a fine for masturbating is a whole different thing. Let ordinary people speak about the Trump budget?  Nah!  Not on the Sunday shows. Live when you want!

"@YouDontSayFYI starts on demand! #fyilive"

#FREEDumbFriday @Roarzz joins us as a contributor listen on demand #fyilive

Rory Boyd found his lost voice & returns to FreeDumb Friday starting at Noon Eastern. At least Sesame Street is on HBO so we know that won’t die under the Trump budget but arts funding is a no show. Border Wall?! We don’t need no $ for a border wall. Someone hacked Mc Donald’s Twitter account and showed no love for Trump. We’ve been saying this since 2016 but at least we finally got the so-called…

"#FREEDumbFriday @Roarzz joins us as a contributor listen on demand #fyilive"

@LeslieATyler contributes to @SomeSayInfo now on demand #fyilive

Leslie Tyler guest co-host of You Don’t Say joins Some Say for the full 3 hours taped live on Sunday. So, if news breaks it’ll stay broken until Tuesday when we’re back live. The least talked thing in TrumpCare / GOPDontCare Act is going to get some time out of the gate. More on Russia, but it’s more about a fired AG in NY then Putin’s Puppet.  Hannity or Putin who has more influence over Twittler?…

"@LeslieATyler contributes to @SomeSayInfo now on demand #fyilive"

@RepubDirtyTrick and @LewHastings join @SomeSayInfo starting when you want #FYILive

Tara Devlin of RepublicanDirtyTricks.com joins us as our contributor in the first hour to talk Trump’s ego and how he needs to be loved. We also talk about what the Republican Unaffordable Care Act should be which is Single Payer. The first hour is taped, but in the 2nd & third hour we’ll have Lew Hastings checking in from Washington D.C. at the Native Nations March. We’ll also talk about the attacks the GOP is doing…

"@RepubDirtyTrick and @LewHastings join @SomeSayInfo starting when you want #FYILive"

@Roarzz joins Terrific Tuesday ON DEMAND #fyilive

Rory Boyd comes back as a Contributor this Tuesday join us LIVE at Noon. Let’s play who the good guy with the gun is in this story. Instead of Russia, let’s talk about the crappy Affordable Care Act replacement that the House Republicans didn’t want Rand Paul to see. SURPRISE ObamaCare is doing better than expected says the CBO. It wasn’t Berkeley over the weekend that Mathias & Clint talked about it was dozens at a…

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@YOUDontSayFYI is on demand when you want! #fyilive

In Asia offensive t-shirts are all the rage. Canada loves Spock & they’re showing it on their Money. FLOTUS gives us health care tips. Celebrity drama over reality tv. You Don’t Say starts after It Sucks to be Right: TARABUSTER at 8:00 pm Eastern. If you can’t make this show we’ll be back at Noon Eastern Sunday and on demand when you want to listen.

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@Roarzz joins us on WTF Wednesday starting at Noon #fyilive

Reality Check with Rory host Rory Boyd joins us live on our new time.  Listen Live to original Progressive Talk from Noon until 3:00 pm Eastern. Bernie Sanders had some things to say about Trump’s speech. Micheal Moore slams Trump for using a grieving widow & counting the applause. Corporate media swoons over Trump even so-called fake news outlets gushed. Join us at when you want.

"@Roarzz joins us on WTF Wednesday starting at Noon #fyilive"

@SOMESAYInfo #ResistTrump Town Hall starting when you want on demand #fyilive

We’ll be having a town hall with our Progressive hosts while Trump has his speech to Congress. Don’t miss our Some Say Resist Trump Town Hall and be sure to participate in twitter and in our chat as well.  Some of your favorite hosts will join us starting at 9:00 pm Eastern.  We’ll read reaction & have our own but it’s a TRUMP FREE ZONE.

"@SOMESAYInfo #ResistTrump Town Hall starting when you want on demand #fyilive"

@erin_fox_rocks joins our final 9:00 pm ET Monday Mayhem show #fyilive

Ed Schultz goes to CPAC and what he has to say about it is just not what you’d expect from the guy who brought us NO TPP & Bernie Sanders on MSNBC. Veep Mike Pence & PEEOTUS both shouldn’t tweet and the Veep really doesn’t know his flags. Travel ban screws a British Muslim out of a school trip. This & so much more at 9:00 pm Eastern.  We move to Noon on Wednesday!

"@erin_fox_rocks joins our final 9:00 pm ET Monday Mayhem show #fyilive"