fyination_logo_composite-150x150We have no corporate sponsors. Only Ring of Fire & Stephanie Miller  has limited advertising. Now you can help keep For Your Information Network going.  Our expenses are an average of $40 a day to keep us going and paywall free. We believe this network is for you, and you can help keep it going just by listening regularly.

A one-time donation will get you two pieces of coverage of your choice.  For a monthly gift,  we will send you this in CD playable format as well as mp3.  Now we offer a Don’t Let America Hate bumper sticker. We had to make some improvements, and we now have them ready for you to send the NO HATE message of tolerance on our side.  A one-time $10 contribution or monthly $10 contribution we’ll send you a bumper sticker.

Jan 1st  2016, we’ll have a hat, & yard sign as well & a $100 1 time or $100.00 monthly contribution will get you all three of them.

fyihat-1-300x300Get a hat for $60 1 time contribution or $50 monthly contribution .   Or if you’d prefer a yard sign we can  get you one for a 1 time contribution of $75 or $50 monthly contribution.   This is a great way to help get a positive message out & show how you disagree with the message of hate and derision.

rokuexpress-300x300For a gift of $176.76 we’ll give you a hat, email address & a new Roku Express to listen to us on our Roku channel.  If  you’d like to donate $100, we will play a message for a week on Some Say of your choosing as long as it’s G rated on The Thom Hartmann Program & Some Say as a thank you. Or you can guest host an hour of Some Say with the #fyilive crew. Of course you can gift below whatever amount you wish appropriate.  Thank you for helping keep FYI Nation on the air.  Or email us about a donation click here.

If you can’t donate, spread the word about For Your Information Nation Network if you like us. That will help us grow. We know a lot of our listeners would love to help, but can’t necessarily & that’s alright. Your participation helps us grow as well.

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