#FondlingFoodFriday with @JulesFrazier on Morning Jules in 60 min #fyilive

Morning Jules hosted by Ambassador Jules.  Jules Frazier brings her progressive commentary & news to the morning and takes your calls in the second hour Monday through Friday.  If you are into a friendly way to start your morning with a cup of java & some originality you’ll find that Morning Jules will be the antidote. cropped-FYINation_LOGO_Composite-150x150-1.png

In the 2nd hour if Jules doesn’t have a guest, she usually takes your calls at 810-479-4394 or FYI NATION via SKYPE.  She won’t screen your call & because the show is for you Jules makes it about YOU. The news may not always hit your funny bone, but Jules will always make sure you get an alternative take on what’s going on in the progressive world.   Be sure to join the chat or tweet us at hashtag FYILIVE & Jules might read your tweets on air



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