ISTBR: TARABUSTER – EP.18 – New Year’s Eve Rally for NORMAL PEOPLE (AKA:Non-Republicans)! With Guest Ron Placone


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It’s a New Year’s Eve Rally for Normal People (AKA: non-Republicans)!‘s Tara Devlin welcomes comedian, speaker, and progressive media/radio personality Ron Placone to discuss his article on RepublicanDirtyTricks.comIs 2016 The Death Of The Left?” [short answer; HELL NO!] Follow Ron on Twitter: @RonPlacone

Read Ron’s article, here:

Join the resistance in the Fascist Age of Trump!

Part of the Young Turks Network, Ron hosts the syndicated radio show and podcast Indie Bohemians. He can be heard regularly on the Stephanie Miller Show, SiriusXM, Progressive Voices, TMZ and more.

We’ll discuss all this and MORE!

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