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Facebook scrubbed potentially damning data about election fraud. Spa days look to be more important than helping Puerto Ricans. Ryan Zinke thinks he’s the damn Queen of England while claiming transparency. GOP always have a new way to blame the Affordable Care Act on Obama. Kim Davis takes her gay-hating road show to Romania. The right wing goes nuts over NPR ads but silent on Russian meddling in the election. Senator Bernie Sanders gets burned by some on Twitter. An…

"#FREEDUMBFRIDAY on #FRIDAYtheTHIRTEENTH on demand @FYINATION #fyilive @Roarzz joins @SomeSayInfo in our first hour"

#GRAHAMCASSIDY is dead & more on #FYILIVE after @BOBKINCAID at 9:00 PM ET Live Monday through Friday

REPEAL & REPLACE is dead, now how will Republicans try to destroy healthcare? Megyn Kelly jumped right into politics after saying she didn’t want to be in politics so much anymore. WTF Megyn Kelly?! A call for Donald J. Trump the 45th President to be Impeached has officially been made.  A professor is only suspended after talking up Hitler. An internet troll became a superhero for finding out that Jared Kushner uses private email at…

"#GRAHAMCASSIDY is dead & more on #FYILIVE after @BOBKINCAID at 9:00 PM ET Live Monday through Friday"

9/23/17 #GrahamCassidy @YOUDONTSAYFYI on demand #fyilive Saturdays 8:00 pm eastern

Don’t step in that poop! Lawrence O’Donnell has a massive meltdown over a hammer and voices in his head. Alex Jones goes bonkers over his wife and Jimmy Kimmel. BYU says ok to caffeinated beverages. This is covered under ObamaCare and probably not Graham-Cassidy, don’t try this at home or the gym if you’re a man and want to keep it.

"9/23/17 #GrahamCassidy @YOUDONTSAYFYI on demand #fyilive Saturdays 8:00 pm eastern"

IS #GRAHAMCASSIDY DOA? #FYILIVE on demand 9/22/17 Monday through Friday at 9:00 pm Eastern

So this text got sent and we have more questions than answers. Walmart wants to bring you food to your fridge. Iran shows off military hardware to show Trump they got the message. A Vermont teacher is fired for teaching 3rd graders a NAZI salute. FEMA makes a huge mistake when it comes to outreach. Senator John McCain was thought to be a yes and now TrumpCare 3.0 seems DOA.

"IS #GRAHAMCASSIDY DOA? #FYILIVE on demand 9/22/17 Monday through Friday at 9:00 pm Eastern "

Monday Mayhem starts at Noon Eastern #fyilive @LeslieATyler joins us for Some Say.

Leslie and I talk about what the economy is doing to even the so called rich. When Tomi Lahren admits she’s on the ACA she gets defended by a liberal debater. Mac Cosmetics uses the news media to create fake news. The Hill covers a story about Wasserman Schultz a day before a Conservative writer says the main stream media didn’t cover it at all. Border Patrol agents encourage a teen to sip liquid meth.

"Monday Mayhem starts at Noon Eastern #fyilive @LeslieATyler joins us for Some Say."

@LewHastings joins @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive Red Road Radio host joins Some Say!

Lew Hastings and I discuss why Trump voters won’t vote for Trump 6 months and a day later and if Trump would still win. The Japanese PM’s wife reportedly speaks English even though the Trump didn’t think so in the NYT’s article. Healthcare insurance doesn’t cost $12 a year unless you live in Trumptopia. Lew Hastings and I disagree about out of state donations in this Elizabeth Warren story. Learning is fundamental and teachers shouldn’t…

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#WorkinProgress 7/16/17 on demand #fyilive

Monday is back to normal with Moran Monday and Bob Kincaid.  On Sunday at 6:00 pm Eastern Work in Progress starts at its NEW time!  Same great show you’ve come to expect, however an hour earlier.  You don’t want to miss either progressive show that will have you thinking.  Jeremy Corbyn is taking a page from Bernie Sanders. Will moderate GOP Senators kill TrumpCare? If you wanted a debate about swords, now Texas has given…

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That awkward moment when you admit you’re wrong on Russia.  Not so much sharing going on in the AirBNB sharing economy. Math is hard, especially in D.C. and done by Ted Cruz & Mike Lee. Ted Cruz and math have an even harder time when it comes to a Democrat raising money. Instead of stopping the U.S. is helping the Saudi’s after the funeral killing in Yemen. Another death that Hillary Clinton had nothing to…


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Senate has weird thinking about how they’re talking about TrumpCare now. Rick Perry wants us to have more nuclear energy, wonder if that’s changed since hackers are breaching nuclear facilities.  Don’t turn over already public information to Donald J. Trump’s administration, make them get it. A U.S. hospital has said it would send the experimental drug to Charlie Gard.

"#FREEDUMBFriday #CharlieGard @Roarzz joins us at Noon on @SomeSayInfo #fyilive #tytlive"