@NRDavis & @BritSomers guest star on @SomeSayInfo at 9:00 pm Eastern #fyilive Monday through Friday at 9:00 pm Eastern

Dr. Benny spent some good $ on a dining room while cutting it for the homeless. First Dick’s now WalMart, the free market is deciding quicker than Congress. Oath Keepers know who the enemy is and it’s who they claim to want to protect. Alex Jones is going to be having a me too moment as well. Natalie Davis & Brit Somers join us in the second hour of the show.

"@NRDavis & @BritSomers guest star on @SomeSayInfo at 9:00 pm Eastern #fyilive Monday through Friday at 9:00 pm Eastern"

9/23/17 #GrahamCassidy @YOUDONTSAYFYI on demand #fyilive Saturdays 8:00 pm eastern

Don’t step in that poop! Lawrence O’Donnell has a massive meltdown over a hammer and voices in his head. Alex Jones goes bonkers over his wife and Jimmy Kimmel. BYU says ok to caffeinated beverages. This is covered under ObamaCare and probably not Graham-Cassidy, don’t try this at home or the gym if you’re a man and want to keep it.

"9/23/17 #GrahamCassidy @YOUDONTSAYFYI on demand #fyilive Saturdays 8:00 pm eastern"

@REALTARADevlin joins @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive

Join RTDDaily.com‘s Tara Devlin with us today at Noon Eastern!  This Trump supporting Minister can’t be saved by the Trump Administration’s Immigration policies. A Florida man proves why certain people shouldn’t be allowed guns. NASA fires back at Alex Jones for his latest conspiracy theory. BREXIT isn’t a winner according to the latest polling. Not dead but really stupid way to die and of course it’s with a gun.

"@REALTARADevlin joins @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive"

#WORKINPROGRESS live at 7:00 pm Eastern #fyilive

Steve Harvey decides it’s a good idea to dig a hole & and fill it with Flint water. The University of Michigan is showing how to bring in students. Alex Jones reveals to the rest of the world what we already all knew about him, that he’s a prick. This article isn’t from some liberal bastion of free love, it’s from Bloomberg News and should scare even the most heartened Trump supporter.  We start live after…

"#WORKINPROGRESS live at 7:00 pm Eastern #fyilive"

@ROARZZ joins us on #FREEDUMBFriday @SomeSay and IS ON DEMAND! #fyilive

Ted Nugent says he’s seen the light after the baseball shooting. Mike Pence lawyers up & the orange menace seems to act as if he’s going to as well at some point. Alex Jones isn’t interested in turning a new leaf like Ted Nugent. Trump’s polling bad with CEOs, you almost feel sorry for him.

"@ROARZZ joins us on #FREEDUMBFriday @SomeSay and IS ON DEMAND! #fyilive"