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Facebook scrubbed potentially damning data about election fraud. Spa days look to be more important than helping Puerto Ricans. Ryan Zinke thinks he’s the damn Queen of England while claiming transparency. GOP always have a new way to blame the Affordable Care Act on Obama. Kim Davis takes her gay-hating road show to Romania. The right wing goes nuts over NPR ads but silent on Russian meddling in the election. Senator Bernie Sanders gets burned by some on Twitter. An…

"#FREEDUMBFRIDAY on #FRIDAYtheTHIRTEENTH on demand @FYINATION #fyilive @Roarzz joins @SomeSayInfo in our first hour"

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Treasury Secretary wanted to use YOUR money for HIS honeymoon.  Far-Right is going crazy over DACA. Trump gets something right about the 2016 election with Hillary. The White House is not unifying the country like the Press Secretary thinks it is. An attempted hanging has now become a hate crime case in New Hampshire. Motel 6 shows how bad hating on migrant workers was in Arizona. BitCoin might not end up being the $ of the…

"#FYILive 2 hours SPECIAL 9/14/17 on demand @FYINATION Live Monday through Friday 9:00pm eastern"


That awkward moment when you admit you’re wrong on Russia.  Not so much sharing going on in the AirBNB sharing economy. Math is hard, especially in D.C. and done by Ted Cruz & Mike Lee. Ted Cruz and math have an even harder time when it comes to a Democrat raising money. Instead of stopping the U.S. is helping the Saudi’s after the funeral killing in Yemen. Another death that Hillary Clinton had nothing to…


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White House proves it’s stupidity once again with a HUGE G20 blunder. Putin & Trump show how much they listen to women during their 1 on 1 meeting. Gun sales are falling but still at record highs. The show shouldn’t have gone on for Green Day after an acrobat died. No room at any Inn’s for Trump in Hamburg for the G20 so they blame Obama.

"@BobKincaid joins @SomeSayInfo today at Noon #fyilive"