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China is making demands and is showing its flag in Asia as Clint predicted last week. A story about Jared Kushner that doesn’t involve Russia. A Republican donor is really mad that ObamaCare wasn’t repealed and replaced as promised. A Federal task force will tell the Attorney General Jeff Sessions what he doesn’t want to hear about marijuana. Mike Pence says running for President in 2020 is absurd. Water Protectors were waging a ‘jihad’ against…

"@mjdetamore is back!! on #WorkinProgress 8/6/17 #fyilive Listen Live on Sundays at 6:00pm eastern"

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Trump’s budget kills the Education Departments resources but we’re supposed to applaud his generosity. North Korea threatens a U.S. nuclear strike again. China has a huge military parade to show off to the world how big it is. WHY does the U.S. military need so much money on Viagra, what does it have to do with military readiness?

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White House proves it’s stupidity once again with a HUGE G20 blunder. Putin & Trump show how much they listen to women during their 1 on 1 meeting. Gun sales are falling but still at record highs. The show shouldn’t have gone on for Green Day after an acrobat died. No room at any Inn’s for Trump in Hamburg for the G20 so they blame Obama.

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This week on The Brit Somers Show – Fifth Columnist Trumpevski sends a stern message to Cuba not to be so communist and act more like our friends Russia and Red China. Brought to you by; Nakita’s Durable Shoes. Today at 4 on 95.3FM\WWNN 1470, FYInation.com, gdprrevolution99.com, SofloRadio.com. Now streaming on TuneIn.

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