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Trump supporters can’t handle activism. This isn’t a safe way to use Uber. Why did an 8-year-old boy have an iPhone to get stolen? LGBTQ+ folks shouldn’t be getting mental health this way. Ruby Rose deleted her Twitter account because people are assholes.

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A woman allegedly hit a car because of a Pro-Trump bumper sticker. An Ohio police chief dies after stealing drugs. Crypto-Currency gets allegedly hacked days after creator says it can’t be. Free samples cause drama at CostCo.

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This balloon will be flying over London while Trump visits. Over the 4th of July, a brave woman protested and shut down the Statue of Liberty for Liberty. Police keep being called because people are doing things while black. Donald J. Trump is happy to give out his personal cell […]

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The Patriot Prayer folks didn’t do much praying Saturday night. Trump has a message for the opposition. John Bolton has a message about Russian and it’s not good for Europe.

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Would you return to a job you hated for a better job to hate?  Hope Hicks might. Bill Deagle responds exactly how a Conservative would be expected to respond to protests.  Over the top drama. Trump thinks wages are too high.