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Lew Hastings joins us to talk a controversy Elizabeth Warren to get votes while using people’s fears. Glenn Beck and Donald J. Trump are on the same side of health care which is no single payer. CA single payer isn’t dead but it’s not looking good. Satanic porn AND Net Neutrality what do they have in common? Porn sites joined the Net Neutrality day of action yesterday and it had nothing to do with Satan. Michigan is treating drug…

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White House proves it’s stupidity once again with a HUGE G20 blunder. Putin & Trump show how much they listen to women during their 1 on 1 meeting. Gun sales are falling but still at record highs. The show shouldn’t have gone on for Green Day after an acrobat died. No room at any Inn’s for Trump in Hamburg for the G20 so they blame Obama.

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#WorkinProgress on demand 7/9/17 #fyilive

All G20 nations say yes to climate change action except the United States. Trump insists he’s still going to the U.K. for a state visit. Maxine Waters is ready to kick some ass & take names against Trump’s Administration. Junior is just like daddy trying to take down CNN via twitter. The network that gave us Tomi Lahren, everyone should be worried about One America News could be the next Fox News.

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#FREEDUMBFriday #CharlieGard @Roarzz joins us at Noon on @SomeSayInfo #fyilive #tytlive

Senate has weird thinking about how they’re talking about TrumpCare now. Rick Perry wants us to have more nuclear energy, wonder if that’s changed since hackers are breaching nuclear facilities.  Don’t turn over already public information to Donald J. Trump’s administration, make them get it. A U.S. hospital has said it would send the experimental drug to Charlie Gard.

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@LeslieATyler and @jeffspolitics of @TYTNATION join us on @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive #CharlieGard

Creationists want socialism to save their Ark attendance. You can’t pray violence away sorry Matt Bevin, you need legislation and social services. Trump goes all in for Charlie Gard and sides with the Pope Francis, briefly. Some holiday racism by some people who we sure believe they’re a Patriot.

"@LeslieATyler and @jeffspolitics of @TYTNATION join us on @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive #CharlieGard"

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Join RTDDaily.com‘s Tara Devlin with us today at Noon Eastern!  This Trump supporting Minister can’t be saved by the Trump Administration’s Immigration policies. A Florida man proves why certain people shouldn’t be allowed guns. NASA fires back at Alex Jones for his latest conspiracy theory. BREXIT isn’t a winner according to the latest polling. Not dead but really stupid way to die and of course it’s with a gun.

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#WORKINPROGRESS live at 7:00 pm Eastern #fyilive

Steve Harvey decides it’s a good idea to dig a hole & and fill it with Flint water. The University of Michigan is showing how to bring in students. Alex Jones reveals to the rest of the world what we already all knew about him, that he’s a prick. This article isn’t from some liberal bastion of free love, it’s from Bloomberg News and should scare even the most heartened Trump supporter.  We start live after…

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Ted Nugent says he’s seen the light after the baseball shooting. Mike Pence lawyers up & the orange menace seems to act as if he’s going to as well at some point. Alex Jones isn’t interested in turning a new leaf like Ted Nugent. Trump’s polling bad with CEOs, you almost feel sorry for him.

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Many Many Many people were interested & watched the Comey hearings. Biden wants Romney to run for Senate in Utah, strange bedfellows indeed. Trump loves Pride so much he shows it by praising ANTI-LGBT folks. Will he / won’t he go to the UK, Trump doesn’t seem interested because he won’t receive a warm welcome. Trump has some twitter words for Comey in a usually Trump tweet storm.

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