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We’ll show you what an America hero looks like. Tillerson snubs EU Minister for Putin and the reaction isn’t good. If you want to go and find some real fake news you have to start at James O’Keefe. Trump wants to kill America’s leadership and pull out of the Paris Climate accord. Apparently, Trump is a white savior to save America. Looks like 2016 won’t be the year to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act…

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Hannity is going to war with Maddow & is already losing in the ratings. Unlike those who will get TrumpCare our so called President will have a doctor at the ready if reports of his weight gain and depression are true. Trump wants to make America like Syria and Nicaragua instead of Great by pulling out of the Climate deal. Trump really shouldn’t tweet after Midnight. Portland murder suspect rants & raves in his first…

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Trump supporter is super pissed about the border wall, which is weird because it’s not like she didn’t know. Trump’s buildings produce some of the worst pollution  & it’s not because of what he says.  Melania is beautiful & she likes her ring so much it’s immortalized in her portrait as FLOTUS. Another Russian tie to Trump, we know, it’s exhausting. Matt McNeil of KTNF will join us in the 3rd hour to talk about this &…

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Monday Mayhem Work in Progress and Some Say crossover EPISODE 1 starts when you want! #FYILive

A crossover episode!  Work in Progress and Some Say bring you the best of both shows today at Noon for three hours! Trump goes to Mara A Largo 7 times and can’t spend money on the poor. Florida man killed allegedly killed by prisoner guards. Stand your ground to get better and only in Florida, the first state to do it. Hurting working class & poor the Dept. of Education Trump’s an Obama memo about…

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A Republican finally blames FOX NEWS for something & it’s Trump. 700 men is probably one too many wanting to have sex with you. Criminalizing drinking water is just wrong & it could happen. Poking your eye out is one thing a fine for masturbating is a whole different thing. Let ordinary people speak about the Trump budget?  Nah!  Not on the Sunday shows. Live when you want!

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Rory Boyd found his lost voice & returns to FreeDumb Friday starting at Noon Eastern. At least Sesame Street is on HBO so we know that won’t die under the Trump budget but arts funding is a no show. Border Wall?! We don’t need no $ for a border wall. Someone hacked Mc Donald’s Twitter account and showed no love for Trump. We’ve been saying this since 2016 but at least we finally got the so-called…

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Leslie Tyler guest co-host of You Don’t Say joins Some Say for the full 3 hours taped live on Sunday. So, if news breaks it’ll stay broken until Tuesday when we’re back live. The least talked thing in TrumpCare / GOPDontCare Act is going to get some time out of the gate. More on Russia, but it’s more about a fired AG in NY then Putin’s Puppet.  Hannity or Putin who has more influence over Twittler?…

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Tara Devlin of RepublicanDirtyTricks.com joins us as our contributor in the first hour to talk Trump’s ego and how he needs to be loved. We also talk about what the Republican Unaffordable Care Act should be which is Single Payer. The first hour is taped, but in the 2nd & third hour we’ll have Lew Hastings checking in from Washington D.C. at the Native Nations March. We’ll also talk about the attacks the GOP is doing…

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