@Roarzz joins @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive

Rory Boyd joins as our live contributor to the show at 9:00 pm Eastern after Bob Kincaid! Ceader Rapids is making way for pollination & creation and it’s pretty cool. Mad Dog doesn’t have doesn’t have a problem with the press the way his boss does. The Trumpanzee’s would love knowing Trump is making bank with the UAE on a new golf course his sons just opened, right? Clean Power is as good as gone,…

"@Roarzz joins @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive"

@YOUDontSAYFYI has it’s first 2017 show! Listen on demand #fyilive

Rory joins us from the UK to talk about why people have a problem with people being gay. We also talk about “fake news” and “Conservative Celebrities in this episode of You Don’t Say. As always we have a few tangents as we do on You Don’t Say, so it’s a fun show over all.

"@YOUDontSAYFYI has it’s first 2017 show! Listen on demand #fyilive"