#WORKinProgress 10/29/17 on demand #fyilive Live Sundays at 6pm est also on facebook live!

What author Harper Lee thought about Obama before she died.  Holy Crap we still have to explain it’s not the victim’s fault when they’re assaulted! Children’s Hospital gets power back on thanks to Tesla. Logging & looting the Amazon and our climate will face the worst of it. Tom Price’s wife and Georgia’s lawmaker says that people with HIV & AIDS should be quarantined. Trump really does only get his information from FOX NEWS, not kidding! What would you do…

"#WORKinProgress 10/29/17 on demand #fyilive Live Sundays at 6pm est also on facebook live!"

#WorkinProgress 7/16/17 on demand #fyilive

Monday is back to normal with Moran Monday and Bob Kincaid.  On Sunday at 6:00 pm Eastern Work in Progress starts at its NEW time!  Same great show you’ve come to expect, however an hour earlier.  You don’t want to miss either progressive show that will have you thinking.  Jeremy Corbyn is taking a page from Bernie Sanders. Will moderate GOP Senators kill TrumpCare? If you wanted a debate about swords, now Texas has given…

"#WorkinProgress 7/16/17 on demand #fyilive"

@YouDontSayFYI starts on demand! #fyilive

A Republican finally blames FOX NEWS for something & it’s Trump. 700 men is probably one too many wanting to have sex with you. Criminalizing drinking water is just wrong & it could happen. Poking your eye out is one thing a fine for masturbating is a whole different thing. Let ordinary people speak about the Trump budget?  Nah!  Not on the Sunday shows. Live when you want!

"@YouDontSayFYI starts on demand! #fyilive"