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Tiffany Trump has gotten shafted by her dad & her siblings. This poor sex doll you’ll and it couldn’t even get dinner because it doesn’t eat. The NFL thing was because Trump wanted a flag, it was never about patriotism. Meet North Korea’s First lady, as stunning as the guy who runs the show isn’t. This is a new excuse for racism from a California lawmaker.

"@YOUDONTSAYFYI 9/30/17 on demand #fyilive Saturday nights 8:00pm eastern"

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Maybe it’s time to think about solar power or is that asking too much after Hurricane Maria? LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! Not Hillary, Ivanka, because she likes private email too! Church breaks a Commandment to keep the money rolling in from parishioners. Baghdad Sarah, no war, just all talk, no action. They couldn’t even hold a hearing on Graham/Cassidy because those pesky protesters wouldn’t bend a knee.

"#FYILIVE 9/25/17 on demand @FYINATION Live M-F 9:00 pm eastern"


Today’s the Anniversary of Bernie’s Bird making a landing. This couldn’t have been pleasant, and why you shouldn’t try this at home. Usually, the casino robs you, this time, it was the other way around. This is the opposite of being neighborly, and imagine, it’s Ivanka Trump. They let Kramer have ASSMAN, but that was tv this is reality. Not trouble at Trump Tower, but a spoiled brat.