@Roarzz visits @SomeSayInfo Monday #PrideMonth Mayhem #fyilive ON DEMAND

Many Many Many people were interested & watched the Comey hearings. Biden wants Romney to run for Senate in Utah, strange bedfellows indeed. Trump loves Pride so much he shows it by praising ANTI-LGBT folks. Will he / won’t he go to the UK, Trump doesn’t seem interested because he won’t receive a warm welcome. Trump has some twitter words for Comey in a usually Trump tweet storm.

"@Roarzz visits @SomeSayInfo Monday #PrideMonth Mayhem #fyilive ON DEMAND"

#WORKinPROGRESS 6/11/17 on demand #fyilive

Conservatives are ruining their own repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. Trump wants the spotlight, so of course, he’ll testify. Trump Jr. goes off script this weekend, wonder how bad a grown man can be punished in that family. Lindsey Graham may FINALLY be on to something. White House leaker?!  Could it really be her?

"#WORKinPROGRESS 6/11/17 on demand #fyilive"