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Get ready to launch, the stupid is strong with this Flat Earther. A story that doesn’t involve Roy Moore in Alabama, but a Mall in Black Friday. Was it her fault or a computer error at Walmart? Trump went for a quick game of golf in this resort, while you either worked or slaved over a hot stove or couldn’t afford to. And this is why prostitution should be legal. Any guesses on why this…

"@YouDontSayFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern #fyilive crew After Tarabuster!"

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Larry Klayman goes off the rails about CNN and a Trump assassination. Right wingers had nothing to do with this fundraiser for the Jewish Cemetery that was vandalized.  Mirror Mirror on the Wall who loves Wall Street more? Brownback gets Brownbacked in the House and the state of Kansas will end up winning. All this and so much more on demand.

"@mjdetamore joins @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive"