@Roarzz visits @SomeSayInfo Monday #PrideMonth Mayhem #fyilive ON DEMAND

Many Many Many people were interested & watched the Comey hearings. Biden wants Romney to run for Senate in Utah, strange bedfellows indeed. Trump loves Pride so much he shows it by praising ANTI-LGBT folks. Will he / won’t he go to the UK, Trump doesn’t seem interested because he won’t receive a warm welcome. Trump has some twitter words for Comey in a usually Trump tweet storm.

"@Roarzz visits @SomeSayInfo Monday #PrideMonth Mayhem #fyilive ON DEMAND"

@YOUDontSAYFYI has it’s first 2017 show! Listen on demand #fyilive

Rory joins us from the UK to talk about why people have a problem with people being gay. We also talk about “fake news” and “Conservative Celebrities in this episode of You Don’t Say. As always we have a few tangents as we do on You Don’t Say, so it’s a fun show over all.

"@YOUDontSAYFYI has it’s first 2017 show! Listen on demand #fyilive"