#WorkinProgress from #SarahPalin to #TrumpCare On Demand #fyilive

Sarah Palin writes about HOT HOT HOT Alpha males & daily devotionals. Do the Democrats just want to keep losing to the GOP after sending the orange jumpsuit you decide for yourself. How right is North Korean propaganda about the USA when it comes to war. California law banning travel is it good for California LGBTQ or bad for business?  All this with Tom & Clint starting at 7:00 pm Eastern

"#WorkinProgress from #SarahPalin to #TrumpCare On Demand #fyilive"

@Roarzz joins us on demand from the UK on @SomeSayInfo #fyilive

Rory Boyd joins us live as our contributor ON DEMAND as we discuss the news of the day and more.  Take a look at just some of our show notes. The fun starts when you want! Apparently, he doesn’t realize many LGBTQ have big pockets and like PASTA. Bernie Sanders gets it right about the protestors and pay. Sanders is determined to find another space in to talk poverty. Franken doesn’t find Trump funny, and…

"@Roarzz joins us on demand from the UK on @SomeSayInfo #fyilive"