#WorkinProgress from #SarahPalin to #TrumpCare On Demand #fyilive

Sarah Palin writes about HOT HOT HOT Alpha males & daily devotionals. Do the Democrats just want to keep losing to the GOP after sending the orange jumpsuit you decide for yourself. How right is North Korean propaganda about the USA when it comes to war. California law banning travel is it good for California LGBTQ or bad for business?  All this with Tom & Clint starting at 7:00 pm Eastern

"#WorkinProgress from #SarahPalin to #TrumpCare On Demand #fyilive"

TARABUSTER – EP.33 – We Must Never Normalize Trump

Tune in tonight 7PM EST at FYINATION.com for another LIVE “It Sucks to be Right: Tarabuster!” TOPIC: We Must Never Normalize Trump As American battleships speed towards North Korea, a warmongering madman is poised to set this tinderbox of a world on fire…   and then there’s Kim Jong Un. The corporate media is desperate to normalize Trump, but we must never forget that Trump is fundamentally unfit to be President. This too shall pass… in…

"TARABUSTER – EP.33 – We Must Never Normalize Trump"