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What would you do if Trump went Nuclear? The White House stands by its tax lies. A bump stock ban is the easiest thing Congress can do regarding gun safety. War on Coal is a slogan and not an actual thing. Wisconsin says FU to the truth about what Lincoln did to the Indigenous people of this country. Harvey Weinstein faces more loss and no one should be sorry for him. How many men have been assault victims…

"@RonPlacone joins @SomeSayInfo 10/11/17 on demand #fyilive Live M-F 12pm eastern"

#WORKINPROGRESS 7/30/17 on demand @FYINATION #fyilive

Trump’s budget kills the Education Departments resources but we’re supposed to applaud his generosity. North Korea threatens a U.S. nuclear strike again. China has a huge military parade to show off to the world how big it is. WHY does the U.S. military need so much money on Viagra, what does it have to do with military readiness?

"#WORKINPROGRESS 7/30/17 on demand @FYINATION #fyilive"