Monday at 6:00 pm ET @BobKincaid is back! #WorkinProgress starts at 6:00 pm ET on Sunday #fyilive

Monday is back to normal with Moran Monday and Bob Kincaid.  On Sunday at 6:00 pm Eastern Work in Progress starts at its NEW time!  Same great show you’ve come to expect, however an hour earlier.  You don’t want to miss either progressive show that will have you thinking.  Jeremy Corbyn is taking a page from Bernie Sanders. Will moderate GOP Senators kill TrumpCare? If you wanted a debate about swords, now Texas has given…

"Monday at 6:00 pm ET @BobKincaid is back! #WorkinProgress starts at 6:00 pm ET on Sunday #fyilive"

@RonPlacone joins @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive

Putin plays radio host and makes tons of promises doing it. Volvo going all electric by 2020. First Indian – American rep. pens an op – ed yesterday about becoming a citizen. Pope Francis is pissed off over an alleged drug-fueled gay orgy. Looks like a Sherrif might have violated the Constitution by organizing a prayer event.

"@RonPlacone joins @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive"

@LeslieATyler and @jeffspolitics of @TYTNATION join us on @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive #CharlieGard

Creationists want socialism to save their Ark attendance. You can’t pray violence away sorry Matt Bevin, you need legislation and social services. Trump goes all in for Charlie Gard and sides with the Pope Francis, briefly. Some holiday racism by some people who we sure believe they’re a Patriot.

"@LeslieATyler and @jeffspolitics of @TYTNATION join us on @SomeSayInfo on demand #fyilive #CharlieGard"