#FREEDUMBFriday @SomeSayInfo 9/14/17 on demand #fyilive Special 3 hour show with @Roarzz visiting

Why did Aaron Carter do this? Hillary Clinton is right about Trump and dealing with North Korea. Pelosi reportedly got the Trump treatment at the White House. Former Tea Party Congressman turned loud mouth goes nuts on MSNBC. Record label doesn’t want white nationalist radio station playing “Won’t back down“.  Pew Die Pie might be done on YouTube after racial slur and his apology. Trump slams single payer after being for Australia’s version. Kaspersky software is out of…

"#FREEDUMBFriday @SomeSayInfo 9/14/17 on demand #fyilive Special 3 hour show with @Roarzz visiting"

#FYILIVE 09/13/17 on demand #fyilive Live Monday through Friday 9pm eastern

Jim Carrey has a really weird interview. The House does something that everyone is going to love for once. Marriot won’t rescue you unless you’re a paying customer. This poll about ‘Dreamers’ shouldn’t shock you.  Apparently, if you’re for Single Payer it’s insane. This story about sewage stinks!

"#FYILIVE 09/13/17 on demand #fyilive Live Monday through Friday 9pm eastern"

@LewHastings joins @SomeSayInfo ON DEMAND #fyilive

Lew Hastings joins us to talk a controversy Elizabeth Warren to get votes while using people’s fears. Glenn Beck and Donald J. Trump are on the same side of health care which is no single payer. CA single payer isn’t dead but it’s not looking good. Satanic porn AND Net Neutrality what do they have in common? Porn sites joined the Net Neutrality day of action yesterday and it had nothing to do with Satan. Michigan is treating drug…

"@LewHastings joins @SomeSayInfo ON DEMAND #fyilive"

TARABUSTER – EP.36 – GOP Greed Cult Celebrate Killing Americans

Tune in tonight 7PM EST at FYINATION.com for another LIVE “It Sucks to be Right: Tarabuster!” TOPIC: GOP Greed Cult Celebrate Killing Americans, while Nancy Pelosi scoffs at the notion of Single Payer. Meanwhile, for-profit health insurance is the problem. Join RepublicanDirtyTricks.com‘s Tara Devlin for our weekly therapy session for the Resistance! Tune in at 7PM EST to FYINATION.com to join us LIVE. Rebroadcast on Progressive Voices Sunday 6PM EST (then ANYTIME on the Progressive Voices…

"TARABUSTER – EP.36 – GOP Greed Cult Celebrate Killing Americans"