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Bernie Sanders smacks around Trump over climate change. Thanks, Obama, you liar! And you too, New York Times! Heather Heyer’s grave has to be a secret because of the Alt Klan. Puerto Rico, you think you got screwed by Maria, the GOP Tax Scam is worse! Donald Trump Jr. acts a fool on Twitter about #NetNeutrality for his dad.  Jesse Lee Peterson has a weird belief in God and Alabama’s Senate race. Speaker Ryan wants women to have more babies. What the…

"@Roazz joins us on @SomeSayInfo #fyilive crew Loser of the Year announced!"

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Trump had a  secret meeting with Putin, why are we not surprised at this?! Rick Wiles has a plot for you and it read like a bad spy novel. SURPRISE!  Americans want Trump off twitter. Senator Warren is right about not celebrating TrumpCare’s demise. 85th Texas legislature is worried about where you go potty in public.

"@BritSomers joins WTF #PUTINSPUPPET Wednesday on @SomeSayInfo starting when you want #fyilive Listen on demand on myliberals.com or itunes"

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Putin plays radio host and makes tons of promises doing it. Volvo going all electric by 2020. First Indian – American rep. pens an op – ed yesterday about becoming a citizen. Pope Francis is pissed off over an alleged drug-fueled gay orgy. Looks like a Sherrif might have violated the Constitution by organizing a prayer event.

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We’ll show you what an America hero looks like. Tillerson snubs EU Minister for Putin and the reaction isn’t good. If you want to go and find some real fake news you have to start at James O’Keefe. Trump wants to kill America’s leadership and pull out of the Paris Climate accord. Apparently, Trump is a white savior to save America. Looks like 2016 won’t be the year to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act…

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Leslie Tyler guest co-host of You Don’t Say joins Some Say for the full 3 hours taped live on Sunday. So, if news breaks it’ll stay broken until Tuesday when we’re back live. The least talked thing in TrumpCare / GOPDontCare Act is going to get some time out of the gate. More on Russia, but it’s more about a fired AG in NY then Putin’s Puppet.  Hannity or Putin who has more influence over Twittler?…

"@LeslieATyler contributes to @SomeSayInfo now on demand #fyilive"