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#HurricaneFlorence @YOUDONTSAYFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern #fyilive

Ted Cruz may lose the Texas Senate race. Paul McCartney tells a tale of jerking off with John Lennon. Nikki Haley’s curtains had a huge price tag. Tucker Carlson interviews Micheal Avenatti and it goes off the rails. An Arizona man showed how low you can allegedly go.¬† Hurricane Florence […]

#PlaidShirtGuy @YOUDONTSAYFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern on @FYINATION #fyilive crew

Alex Jones finally gets banned from Twitter. Dallas cop accidentally¬†shoots a man in the wrong apartment. A right-wing conspiracy nut blames Hillary Clinton for her surfing injury. John Dean has a dire warning for those who weren’t worried about a Supreme Court pick during 2016. Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t liked […]