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If you are tired of the same old radio you can look no further to FYI Nation.  For Your Information Nation is where original and progressive talk radio comes together.  When you look at corporate media today you’ll find the same old song and dance.  With FYI Nation you’ll find original voices who want to see a radical change in how things are done in our country.  We promote self-awareness so anyone can be able to move the needle if they decide it’s what they want to do.

Our call in shows like Thom Hartmann or Head On with Bob Kincaid bring two separate views to the table while not relitigating our core principles while you listen.   Nicole Sandler is a daily firebrand who is commercial free and live Tuesday through Friday at 3:00 pm Eastern on our network.  She always brings great interviews and a style that separates herself from other talkers who have been doing this as long as she has.  Being commercial free means that we don’t have sponsors to rely on to pay the bills.  With your contributions to our network, we are able to make sure we are bringing FYINATION to you on a 24/7 basis.

If you are tired of finding only Conservative talk radio FYI NATION is the best way to listen to an independent voice.  Only with FYINATION will you find multiple voices converging to give you a progressive opinion.  With FYINATION one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why you should contribute to FYI NATION.  When you donate you are making sure that people of all minds are able to have one loud voice.




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