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Michael Avenatti will not run for President of the United States. Joe Biden might be running for President of the United States. Michael Bloomberg may run for President. Fox News is attacking Bernie Sanders like Bernie is running for the Presidency. Uber and Lyft now have to pay a minimum wage in NYC. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to pay her interns a living wage. Larry Kudlow is busy attacking the renewable industry. Tumblr is getting rid of porn this month. Walmart is bringing in robot janitors. Maybe Amazon should learn from its robot worker incident this week.

Our government just ignored a father in mourning. Voters are more concerned about climate change than Donald J. Trump. Ted Cruz wants to help Trump pay for his border wall. It’s a Satanic statue in the state capital! OMG they looked into the effects of climate change. Kevin Hart won’t be hosting the Oscars after all.

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