@YOUDontSayFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern #TrumpShutDown #fyilive

Officer got this man after he escaped. These women had a bad day trying to rob a Target.  A gay flight attendant has issues over mile high club. A gay couple got engaged after a happy ending. Some seniors don’t know not to do this on a cruise. Donald. J. Trump questions a kid about Santa Claus over the holiday. Should you sit on the lap of Santa Claus? Rudolph is a way to rob a store now? Cats & bondage? An update on these scam artists.

Ocasio-Cortez has some ideas on the government shutdown. This CSPAN caller is waiting for Jesus. McCaskill doesn’t get Ocasio-Cortez. A garage exploded because of weed. Trump fowls up in Iraq. How many gun owners does it take to stop a robbery? Lindsey Graham is ok with a government shut down. End of the year obligatory poop story.


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