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Won’t you consider becoming a Patreon to FYINATION?  We’d love it if you’d show how much you support progressive talk radio that is commercial free.  It’s easy to become a Patreon to FYINATION and with our great gifts it’s something you should consider today.

Every tier Patreon will get a free email address from that is yours to use forever.  Every tier Patreon will get thanked on our monthly Patreon list that will be published as a thank you for helping to support this progressive radio station.  Platinum and Double Platinum Patreon’s will get thanked on You Don’t Say our original FYINATION show that airs on Saturday & Sunday’s at 8:00 pm Eastern.  Double Platinum Patreon’s will be thanked with an Amazon Echo Dot sent directly to them.  Every Double Platinum Patreon will be thanked with swag bonuses.  The swag could be FYINATION hat’s, shirts, and cups to help show your support.

It’s a political season and with an election looming in 2020 we need to show that Progressive talk has a voice now more than ever.  When you become a Patreon you harness the power of Progressive talk.  We are looking for 25 Double Platinum Patreon’s, won’t you consider becoming one today?  We can’t do this alone and with your help we can make sure that Progressive values shine through this election cycle with informative liberal talk radio.


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