Rush Limbaugh announces to Fox News he is still on the air

Rush Limbaugh went on Fox & Friends today to remind viewers he still matters.

KILMEADE – even for the pros, and here now joining us is one of those professionals, Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk show host. They make us bring him on, the President is watching, first off, you’re reaction to what the unemployment numbers are?

RUSH – Awesome! I mean really, I can’t even believe I’m still here! If you had to talk about my legacy right now you’d be shocked I haven’t been taken off the air years ago. I should be looking for work at the unemployment line, but no, still here. President Trump may not have his wall, but I’m still working and that’s all that matters.


RUSH – They are almost sickeningly soaking up destroying me, like President Trump. And they’re not going to get away with that either.


RUSH – For Democrats it’s all about what they want and they’ll stop at nothing to get me. Take a look at my radio ratings. Every day they flat line. Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to be happy unless she eats my heart out with her bare hands. The thing is, they’re going to fail, who do they have that can do talk radio, Al Franken! You know folks that’s why I asked to be on Fox & Friends today I’m desperate to remind you that radio is still a thing. You don’t have to listen to podcats or itunes when you have me. I matter! Just yesterday Ivanka Trump took my call.

KILMEADE – Good job. Thank you Rush, it’s good to know how much you do for the country.

RUSH – Thank you, it’s great to be here. Thanks for giving me an opportunity.

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