Vladimir Putin admits he still doesn’t know how Hillary Clinton lost in 2016

Sources close to Russian President Vladimir Putin have admitted he’s still shocked Secretary Hillary Clinton isn’t President of the United States. The former KGB agent has stated everything that could go wrong did and that idiot still pulled it off for us. Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote with almost 3 million votes against President Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump won the electoral college 306 to Hillary Clinton’s 232.

Mr. Putin admits he went in to it just to see if he could make Hillary Clinton miserable. The Russian President admits it all just started as a joke around the office and then the joke became a reality. Nobody inside the Kremlin considered that the electoral college would give them so much power in such a tool. Putin also admitted he regularly listens in to Donald J. Trump’s phone calls for a laugh because any meaningful information would come from cable news.

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