Walmart goes after the Trump voter with a cocaine loving Santa Claus

The Trump campaign was surprised this week with Walmart choosing to go after Mr. Trump’s core supporters.

Yall. Look at this description for this Christmas sweater from Walmart— Jason John (@HurrbaSousJohn) December 7, 2019

The Canadian website ended sales that depicted Santa Claus as a cocaine user. Twitter users noticed the description “Men’s Let it Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater,” the items description contained numerous references to drug use on it “the best snow comes straight from South America.” Mr. Trump has promised to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. The Republican Presidential candidate has also promised to lower prescription drug prices for all Americans. Walmart wouldn’t say if the white Santa Claus was targeting Trump voters exclusively but all the signs were shown in the items picture. Sources close to Walmart wouldn’t say if this was how they were getting American’s to say Merry Christmas again.

Walmart shoppers and Trump voters typically go hand in hand. Gun toting, lower middle class white folks who might like to play in the snow from South America.

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