Clinton Federal judge forces Trump to ask Mexico to pay for the border wall

Judge David Briones a Federal Judge appointed by President Bill Clinton has stopped Defense spending from being used to pay for the border wall. A Trump campaign promise made in 2016 looks like it’s been blocked by a Clinton era judge. Briones’ ruling didn’t stop the Trump Administration from seeking the funds from Mexico to pay for the wall. The ruling does stop the military from using it’s Federal funds to pay for the border wall. Sources close to Mr. Trump are as mad as when they figured out they were being booed at during a baseball game.

While the President hasn’t commented on the ruling by statement or tweet, with the Russians in town it’ll be easier for him to find out which way the wind should blow on this one. Vice President Mike Pence could be heard in Washington D.C. screaming for mother when he learned of the ruling by the Clinton era Federal judge.

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