Fox News viewer in serious but stable condition after hearing facts

A heterosexual older white male was rushed to the hospital when he was given facts that could change his mind.

Paramedics were called to the scene where they found a person slumped over the lounge chair at an old folks home after being given the truth about Hillary Clinton’s role in anything relevant today. Witnesses say an older man and younger woman, a millennial, were having a discussion about the possibility of Hillary Clinton getting into the 2020 Presidential race. The Fox News viewer was convinced that Hillary Clinton would run for President after seeing a Fox News report on her and the young woman countered the argument with facts.

Other elderly white men were not harmed since their miracle ears were not loud enough to hear the facts brought to the table by the millennial or the “OK, boomer” retort. The young millennial woman stood by with righteous indignation as the elderly Fox News viewer was brought to the local hospital.

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