Kim Jong Un expected to write ‘Dear John’ letter soon

Kim Jong Un has been working on a “Dear John” letter to President Trump for some time says sources close to the North Korean dictator. Word is that North Korea is upset that Mr. Trump hasn’t left Melania Trump for a fourth mail order bride from the North Korean’s country. President Trump was ready for the new First Lady but he was concerned about another language barrier between the two. Kim Jong Un was said to have pulled out all the stops for this marriage of convenience to work but he couldn’t find any North Korean willing to bed that old man.

Talks failed between the two men when it was learned Dennis Rodman did so poorly on The Celebrity Apprentice. Kim Jong Un is a long time friend of Mr. Rodman and the North Korean dictator couldn’t have feelings for any one who fired his friend like that. It’s hoped that the affair will resume in 2020 when Vice President Mike Pence delivers the North Korean dictator some fresh cheese made from Mother’s milk.

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