Enjoy @Thom_Hartmann every day at Noon or Midnight Eastern time #fyilive

We are proud to announce an update in our schedule for The Thom Hartmann Program. Every day you will be able to listen to The Thom Hartmann Program at Noon Eastern or at Midnight. Because we are supported by patreon contributions you don’t have to worry about commercials.

Starting in 2020 EVERY DAY we will have Thom’s show on so you won’t miss a moment during the week. We want you to be up to date with the news of the day & we want you to remember the best place to find The Thom Hartmann Program commercial free. It was vital to make this change for listeners. Now you will be able to find The Thom Hartmann Program commercial free thanks to patreon donors. Listen to the program live or if you had to step away listen to the Midnight rebroadcast.

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