Trump campaign demands Bernie Sanders drops out

President Trump’s reelection campaign has taken an unusual step in wanting Senator Bernie Sanders to drop out of the election. For most of 2019 the Trump campaign ignored Senator Sanders existence. With Mr. Sanders polls on the rise and the media take notice President Trump’s team is trying to come up with new insulting names to stick on the guy they call “Crazy Bernie.” Trump’s attacks might include “Wacky Bernie” “Coo Coo Bernie” and “Comrade Bernie” to go after the Vermont Senator.

Mr. Trump can’t understand why people don’t just love capitalism, especially since it’s given him so much. Sources close to the President want Senator Bernie Sanders to drop out because someone with that little amount of hair shouldn’t be President. Trump’s campaign believes Mr. Trump is the heir apparent in the 2020 election. Both Sanders and Trump have notable hair issues. The Trump campaign is worried Mr. Sanders lack of hair will highlight the obvious comb over President Trump has, so they are demanding him to drop out.

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