Become a Patreon of FYI Nation and help jump start Audio Activism

Audio Activism will start on 1/21/20 at 9:00 pm Eastern. We will embrace multiple forms of live streaming to get the show out. We want you to engage us to make the show better. You can even become a panelist on the show and we’ll show you how once we are on the air. On Monday we will test everything with our final episode of We the People which will start at 9:00 pm Eastern. If you become a patreon you will help the show grow and FYI Nation continue to bring commercial free programming.

Tom Reynolds puts all his personal money in to run FYI Nation and keep it going 24/7 and he needs your help. In this political season we need to get the word out about candidates and the process as much as possible and when you become a patreon you help continue the journey of FYI Nation. Audio Activism will be the best live streamed progressive talk show in Prime Time for you to be able to participate in. Tom Reynolds will take your calls and tweets and comments live on the air. You don’t want to miss a minute of this interactive PROGRESSIVE experience. With your contribution to our patreon we will be able to continue to be audio activists together.

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