Audio Activism starts Monday 8/2/20 6:00pm Eastern #fyilive @REALTaraDevlin joins us!

Tara Devlin joins us on our brand new show Audio Activism. We took a little break and booked some amazing guests like Tara Devlin from to join us. She will be visiting as our first guest. Every Sunday we will introduce people who need patrons to support a project they might be doing. We want to capture your imagination with their project they have. This first 5 weeks will be filled with amazing progressive hosts who bring news and commentary to you on a regular basis. Tara Devlin is a prime example of an amazing talent you should be supporting.

The second week of August we’ll have Bob Kincaid on as our second guest. We hope you stick around. You might decide to become a Patron of Tara Devlin’s or Bob Kincaid’s. Of course you can become a patron of FYI Nation and help keep us on the air as well for as little as $5 dollars a month. Listen to us on your Amazon or Google smart home device.

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