Commercial free Progressive radio #fyilive

At FYINATION.COM we bring you commercial free radio. You can listen on your smart devices Google or Alexa by adding FYINATION.COM as a skill. You can subscribe to FYINATION.COM and keep this progressive oasis open with out commercial interruption. We don’t get a George Soros check and we don’t want a Mike Lindell check either so we aim to be listener supported.

We will never do a fundraising drive on the air for money. FYINATION.COM is owned by ACCESSGIGS.COM LLC and has decided to operate this by subscription. It is our goal to add more live hosts with your subscriptions and donate to our live hosts like Robyn Kincaid, and Tara Devlin. If you become a subscriber we will be able to keep FYINATION.COM on the air for years to come. Having upgraded our server to be a fully automatic server so we can soon have APPS for iPhone and Android for you.

FYINATION.COM also brought back it’s chat room for live chat when we are live with our hosts so we hope you participate using that while you listen. Even if you can’t donate we’d like you to get the word out about our little venture. We are doing everything we can to bring you things that the main stream media doesn’t do, so we hope you use us as a tool in the upcoming elections.

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