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Tom Reynolds at FYINATION.COM decided to stop running the network as a hobby and start running it as a business this year. He has mostly been covering the costs with Patreon subscriptions which after fees isn’t a lot. So, Tom decided that he would have a subscription model. Tom believes that liberals and progressives want a place to call home and we fit the bill. WE WILL NEVER RUN ADS at FYINATION.COM for products.

Tom believes that a subscriber model is the wave of the future. FYINATION.COM has set a 1 new subscriber a day goal. It’s not a big goal but it’s a start. Payments will be given to Tom’s company LLC which will run the day to day operations of the radio station, however instead of being run as a hobby this will be a business. The business of messaging.

Subscribers to FYINATION.COM will get perks, and hidden content and will be able to have a real partnership with the owners of FYINATION.COM as well. When you subscribe this is funding a business venture that will be a brand that takes you seriously. FYINATION.COM wants to be an oasis of progressive and liberals during these turbulent times with or with out Donald J. Trump as President. So please consider subscribing to FYINATION.COM today. We have only one subscription level of $10 a month and we believe we can work with that level if we are able to get a new subscribe every day.

Social media can be a powerful thing. Please help us crowd fund the future of radio. Apps will be published this month as well for iOS and Android. Building the apps was the easy part, publishing them is the hard part. Thanks for your time and please think about supporting us.

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