Listen on Alexa and Google smart Devices #fyilive

Listen to us on your smart device! Liberal talk radio is commercial free on your Alexa or Google smart devices. Subscribers who have kept FYINATION.COM on the air have also enabled us to work on a smart device. Just activate the FYINATION.COM skill and you’ll be able to listen to us whenever you want.

A subscription helps keep us grow and pay it forward to our hosts. FYINATION.COM has a subscriber based business model. For $10 a month you can help us stay commercial free. You are helping a liberal community thrive by becoming a subscriber. Subscribers will get access to content and a say if we should publish our content as podcasts. If enough subscribers demand we have our original programing as a podcast we’ll do it and it will be paywall free. FYINATION.COM believes in getting the word out about a progressive radio station first and getting subscribers to keep us on the air second. Even if you can’t contribute let people know about the availability of FYINATION.COM to you as a progressive radio station.

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