#COVIDIOTS on OAN are horrible people

One America News Network are lying to it’s viewers. They are willingly providing misleading information about vaccines and harming the views of OAN. Using freedom as a crutch to ignore facts about being vaccinated is jeopardizing the viewers lives they do have. One America Network is willing to advance a divisive message while claiming they are providing viewers an informed choice.

Conservative media is willing to dumpster dive to the lowest common denominator to make President Biden look bad. OAN’s profit margin depends on not giving factual information to confuse the viewer base and stay angry at Democratic politicians. This particular scheme is dangerous, since people are dying in the process. OAN and other Conservative media is happy to amplify false information so they can claim victory. Rationality and reason is thrown out the window when you watch OAN since they are so willing to reckless as they present baseless information as response to help Republican politicians have power.

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