Cuomo is a cancer on the Democratic party

Gov. Cuomo has been found by the A.G. of New York Letita James sexually harassed women in his office. If this type of behavior is allowed to fester in the Democratic Party we only hurt ourselves. You are innocent until you are proven guilty, however Cuomo should do the right thing and resign. Back in March President Joe Biden said he should resign if the investigation came back in a bad light for him.

The chicken has come home to roost for Andrew Cuomo and he should do what Democratic politicians have already called him to do in March. Gov. Cuomo can fight the allegations in civil court, but he shouldn’t fight the issue in the public arena. This is a sad day for someone who was wonderful in messaging during the initial stage of the COVID-19 outbreak. Mr. Cuomo should make way for rising stars in the New York Democratic party and rid us of this sad chapter in his political career.

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