Judge Pirro needs to STFU about Cuomo

Judge Jeanine Pirro needs to sit down with her faux outrage about Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Stories in the recent days about Fox News contributor Andrew Napolitano are outrageous as well as the allegations against Fox News Business host Larry Kudlow. It shouldn’t be surprising that Fox News is a horrible place to work. These Capitalists were happy to love on Donald J. Trump who was openly misogynistic about grabbing women where they shouldn’t be grabbed.

The Judge who is high on hate toward Gov. Cuomo should look at the company she keeps. Conservative talent have the ability to yell about a Democratic politicians failings and call for jail time while simultaneously ignoring what is in front of their faces. The right wing are on a trend of worrying about cancel culture and are happy to call for a Democratic governor’s arrest and conviction without proof. Judge Pirro needs to sit down and stay in her lane.

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