Right wing Pastor wants folks to get to Jesus Christ quicker

This right wing Pastor has announced he only cares about himself. Tony Spell is fine with installing his authoritarian rule over his flock and indoctrinate them as a death cult. The preacher is happy to cast out politicians and science so he can be happy in his delusion. Hopefully insurance companies of Tony’s flock will have final say in denying any claims because the made the personal choice not to get vaccinated. Tony Spell is able to rant against the Government and do it all tax free. Pastor Spell is hating on the same Government that allows him not to pay any taxes.

These so called Religious leaders are going to bring their flock closer to Jesus since they are behaving in this silly way. It is a damn shame mixing Religion and politics in this manner because it ends up doing more harm then good. No good will come of Pastor Spell’s decision.

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