Happy Birthday former President Obama!

The guy who brought us Bengahzi, Hillary Clinton’s second try to run for President and droning turns 60 today. As a liberal you can say a lot about this former President of the United States. A lot of good happened, he stopped the great recession, brought us the Affordable Care Act, which saved my life, and tried to close GITMO. Do his achievements out weigh his failures as a President, probably just even them out.

The biggest issue I have had with the former President was his foreign policy. Mr. Obama loved dropping bombs on people, it’s documented, he also failed to close GITMO. Conservatives love to bash his policy with Iran, but that was a shinning beacon of hope in the Middle East.

Former President Obama was a history making man and no one should take that away from him. Mr. Obama may not be Senator Bernie Sanders or a Nina Turner, but Obama was a start in the right direction by help shaping Democratic Socialists to have a voice.

Let us know what you think about former President Obama in the comments thread.

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