Subscribers keep us commercial free! Building a liberal talk radio oasis. #fyilive

If you are tired of hearing Corporations tell you where to put your dollar you have found a liberal oasis without advertisements. We are a liberal radio station that believes in uplifting voices that speak the truth. FYINATION.COM has progressives like Thom Hartmann or Mike Malloy with out ads during the day. Becoming a subscriber helps us help our shows like HEAD ON with Robyn Kincaid when they need funding.

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A subscription is only $10 a month when you decide to become a paying member to our service. Our product is commercial free Progressive talk radio. It is a belief that Liberals, Progressives and Democratic folks can see a good product and help it be sustained with their monthly subscription of just ten dollars. You are supporting an LGBTQ affirming community when you get a monthly subscription to FYINATION.COM as well.

The business model we have decided to engage in is a members supported subscription model that allows us to grow and not be beholden to any advertising dollars. As a subscription based service gives our subscribers a voice while they listen. Original hosts will bring you content that is exclusive to monthly subscribers. FYINATION.COM hopes that you decide to support our liberal oasis.

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